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Advancing Data Analytics to Transform the Patient Care Continuum

Is Your Health System Implementing Strategies To:

  • Improve patient clinical outcomes, quality of care and patient safety?
  • Improve patient experience, access to care and increase satisfaction scores?
  • Reduce TME to successfully compete in ACOs, Bundles, Medicaid ACO, and other risk-based arrangements?
  • Optimize clinical outcomes and TME reduction for commercial insurance financial viability?
  • Directing clinically appropriate care to less intensive, less costly settings?

By partnering to provide data with analytical review for patients after hospital discharge, NELC Member hospitals can better manage the continuum of care before and after the acute care setting.  This will include post-acute data analytics related to home infusion therapy associated with hospital readmission including:

  • Drug therapy
  • Pharmacy intervention reporting
  • Trending of readmission statistics compared to patients that transitioned successfully home
  • Length of service comparison
  • Value based care focused goals

Additional emerging analytic approaches include NELC’s ability to integrate inpatient hospital data to outline which home infusion services and Hospital at Home partnerships could be a resource for managing change:

  • Decreasing LOS for specific DRGs
  • Developing comprehensive clinical resource strategies around patient identification for ED to Hospital admission avoidance
  • Case Management support for proactive patient identification for shorter hospital length of stay
  • Clinical education related to how home infusion services can facilitate faster patient transitions home

Expanded data analytics and reporting will be increasingly important for quality of patient care, for hospitals currently participating in value-based care and/or risk arrangements, and for hospitals planning to in the future under Medicare or commercial agreements.

NELC is currently working with Member hospitals to analyze the inpatient data to develop strategic plans to best meet the needs of the patients, reduce total cost of care, avoid hospital admissions from the ED, and reduce hospital LOS.  The goal is to maximize bed availability for patients that have the greatest need for inpatient care.   

Stephen Burns, Executive Regional Director of Strategic Ventures and Data Analytics, will spear-head the development of data analytics in partnership with our Member hospitals.  For more information please contact Steve Burns @ or (603) 415—4327.