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About NELC

New England Life Care provides experienced, efficient and effective home infusion therapy, home infusion nursing and specialty pharmacy services including nutritional, anti-infective, chemotherapy, pain management, and more to communities across Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Our comprehensive Anti-Infective and Nutrition Support Clinical Management programs for adult and pediatric home infusion therapy further advance the safety, success and satisfaction of our patients.

Our responsive network of home infusion therapy clinicians, pharmacists, logistic support staff, billing and insurance experts allow our patients to start their home infusion therapy treatments fast—often within hours of notification. Our focus on safety, compliance, monitoring and customer service lowers costs, re-hospitalization, infection rates and promotes the best possible outcomes. We partner with other nonprofit providers in our Member Network to support and empower patients regardless of their ability to pay, reduce the costs of advanced home care and improve the health of our communities.

We are proud to be affiliated with 50+ of New England’s most prestigious medical centers, and honored that several representatives from these fine institutions serve on our Board of Trustees and help to shape our mission, vision and values. Their expertise and confidence in New England Life Care truly set us apart.

If you or someone you love needs home infusion therapy or specialty pharmacy services as part of an advanced home care plan, New England Life Care is always here for you.

We provide the full spectrum of home infusion therapy treatments you need, and we always treat you like family.