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Shifting from Down Stream Hospital Provider to Collaborative Patient Flow Management providing timely and seamless care transitions.

A changing healthcare landscape has generated growing pressure on our member hospitals to decrease length of stay (LOS) and avoid admissions and ER visits. With a vision to collaborate with our member hospitals to transform the patient care continuum, New England Life Care has created the Care Coordination Resource Center (CCRC). The CCRC is a transformative approach designed to assist our member hospitals in achieving these goals while changing the way we think about the role of home infusion in decreasing overall health care costs and improving patient care.

The traditional home infusion referral model is reactionary. Today, home infusion becomes involved at the end of the patient’s hospital stay and, in many cases, not until 24-48 hours prior to discharge. This allows little to no opportunity for our hospitals to leverage the expertise of NELC to have an impact on patient flow or length of stay.

Introduced in four phases, the CCRC model starts with a focus on expedited home infusion discharges which transitions to proactive patient identification. The final phases address admission and ED visit avoidance with integration of a hospital at home model.

For more information on patient flow models and the CCRC, please reach out to Jeni Shields, Executive Regional Director of Partnership Development at