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Population Health

As a home infusion partner and compounding pharmacy, NELC is involved in many programs to help member hospitals achieve their strategic initiatives. New England Life Care is advancing our population health, patient flow management, data analytics and vascular access capabilities. 

Our pre and post-acute programs include optimizing patient flow management through a variety of admission avoidance strategies as well as collaborative patient management programs early in the admission process.  The implementation of our Care Coordination Resource Center (CCRC) service line will provide optimal integration of NELC resources to our member hospitals expediting patient flow management. 

Our Data Analytics service line is providing comprehensive analysis of patient DRG information to our member hospitals allowing them to identify early on patients able to move more quickly to a lower cost of care setting.

Our Population Health programs are focused on creating opportunities to provide innovative programs to optimize care for patient populations looking to transition from hospital to home or in some cases avoid the hospital altogether.