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Home Infusion Pharmacy

Specialty infusion pharmacy and nursing services you can trust, right in your own home.

A safe, successful home infusion therapy program depends on quality specialty infusion pharmacy and nursing services. Our patients count on our specialty infusion pharmacy team, based right here in New England, to adhere to the most rigorous safety and compliance standards, and to deliver exemplary quality and customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What is home infusion pharmacy?

Home infusion pharmacy provides the Infusion therapy supplies needed to administer medication or nutrition through an IV or a catheter according to a personalized care plan developed with a patient, their caregivers and their physician or medical team. The highly specialized materials required for home infusion therapy are not available at traditional pharmacies, and must be custom compounded to the exact needs of each patient. Many IV infusion pharmacy therapies require certified, skilled infusion therapy clinical staff to administer and monitor. New England Life Care’s home infusion pharmacy and vast clinical services allows us to promise our patients that everything they need for their infusion treatment will be available when, and where, they need it.

What specialty infusion pharmacy and nursing services can New England Life Care provide?

New England Life Care’s experienced clinicians provide in-home, inpatient and on call support for a wide range of infusion therapies, including the following:

Catheter Care
Blood Factors
Pain Management
Colony Stimulators
Enteral Nutrition

Growth Hormone
Total Parenteral Nutrition
Anti-tumor necrosis factor


Why should you choose New England Life Care?

If you are a patient or a prescribing physician living in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, New England Life Care is your New England based, nationally recognized and hospital-affiliated nonprofit home infusion therapy services provider. We administer infusion therapy in the homes of patients from Cape Cod to Boston to the New Hampshire Seacoast to Northern Maine. Our 98% patient satisfaction rate shows our commitment to clinical excellence, affordability and extraordinary customer service.

We are the home infusion pharmacy of choice for 60+ of the most prestigious medical centers in New England. We want to be your choice, too.

New England Life Care provides the home infusion therapy treatments you need—and treats you like family.