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Home Health & Infusion Therapy Nursing Services

Infusion therapy nursing you can trust, right in your own home.

If your health depends on home infusion therapy, you need skilled infusion therapy nursing to succeed. Our patients count on the New England Life Care home infusion nursing team to provide clinically excellent, compassionate and comprehensive in home nursing support for infusion therapy. Our infusion therapy home nursing program specializes in all variations of home infusion including total parenteral nutrition (TPN ), antibiotics and other therapies associated with the treatment of Crohn’s and Primary Immune Deficiency.  In addition to support in your home we also have a triage nurse is available by phone at any time of day or night to answer questions or address any issues.

Why do you need infusion therapy nursing?

Infusion therapy nursing assists you with the supplies and techniques you need to administer medication or nutrition therapy through an IV, catheter or feeding tube. Your licensed, skilled home infusion therapy nurse works closely with our specialty pharmacy, your caregivers and your medical team to carry out your personalized home infusion therapy care plan.

Our In home nursing clinicians:

  • safely insert catheters and IV’s to effectively deliver medication and nutrition while preventing infection and re-hospitalization
  • monitor your progress closely and recommend to adjustments your infusion therapy when necessary
  • offer hands-on training and encouragement
  • ensure optimal outcomes and help you reach your healthcare goals

New England Life Care home nursing services provide everything you need for your infusion treatment when, and where, you need it, from your hospital room to your home.

What types of infusion therapy can New England Life Care’s in home nursing support?

New England Life Care’s experienced clinicians provide in-home, inpatient and on call support for a wide range of infusion therapies, including the following:

Catheter Care
Blood Factors
Pain Management
Colony Stimulators
Enteral Nutrition
Growth Hormone

Total Parenteral Nutrition
Anti-tumor necrosis factor


Why should you choose New England Life Care?

If you are a patient or a prescribing physician living in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, New England Life Care is your nationally recognized, locally-owned nonprofit specialty infusion pharmacy and infusion therapy provider. We supply, administer and monitor infusion therapy medicines, nutritional therapies and equipment in the homes of patients from Boston to Northern Maine. Our clinical team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and dieticians will assist you in meeting your individual goals.  Our 98% patient satisfaction rate shows our commitment to clinical excellence, affordability and extraordinary customer service.

We are the home infusion provider of choice for 60+ of the most prestigious medical centers in New England. We want to be your choice, too.

New England Life Care home nursing provides the infusion therapy treatments you need—and treats you like family.