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Home Infusion Services

Home Infusion Service Programs

The ability to receive infusion therapy in their own homes is empowering for patients and caregivers. New England Life Care’s home infusion service programs combine skilled compassionate clinical services with specialty pharmacy products to safely prepare, administer and monitor our patients’ therapies from the hospital room to home:

  • Pharmacy Services
    Our experienced clinical pharmacists, fully compliant clean rooms and rigorous tracking, monitoring and compliance standards reduce risk and improve outcomes. We’re New England’s most trusted provider of highly specialized home infusion pharmacy services.
  • Nursing Services
    Our home nursing clinicians work with you, your caregivers, your medical team and our home infusion pharmacy to develop a personalized, multidisciplinary care plan. You will have the ongoing infusion nursing support, training and monitoring you need to meet your healthcare goals. 
  • Delivery and Supply Management
    Convenient, stress-free home delivery of infusion therapy supplies is critical to successful home infusion therapy. We deliver your medication and equipment when and where you need it.
  • Reimbursement Management
    We understand that navigating today’s complex healthcare environment can be one of the most stressful aspects of home infusion therapy for our patients. We let you recover worry-free as we verify coverage, identify limits, submit claims and help secure financial assistance when necessary.

A Commitment to Customer Service

When you become a New England Life Care patient, you become part of the New England Life Care family. From your first home or hospital room visit to your final follow-up phone call, you will always know our first priority is you. Once you become a member of a New England Life Care home infusion therapy program, you will:

  • Receive hands-on training from our expert infusion therapy clinicians
  • Have all necessary specialty pharmacy deliveries arrive at your home on schedule
  • Get regular calls from our professional home infusion therapy teams, based in Woburn MA, Concord NH, and Portland ME.
  • Collaborate with your home infusion therapy team to develop a plan of care that is focused on your unique needs and goals with a focus on flexibility and quality of life.
  • Have your healthcare coverage verified and explained

When your home infusion therapy leaves you with questions, call us. Whether it’s a nurse, a pharmacist or the CEO, we’ll get you in touch with the right person. Any time of the day or night, New England Life Care can do it all—and as our 98% customer satisfaction rate shows, we do it right

A Focus on Community Health

New England Life Care is nationally recognized as a nonprofit, mission-driven home infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy services provider affiliated with 60+ of New England’s premier medical centers. We are a community-based organization with a charitable focus that our neighbors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont rely on for the home infusion therapies they need to recover quickly .

New England Life Care provides the home infusion therapy treatments you need—and treats you like family.