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New England Infusion Therapy & Specialty Pharmacy

If you or someone you love needs home infusion therapy or specialty pharmacy services as part of an advanced home care plan, New England Life Care is always here for you. From your hospital room to your home, our dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled New England Life Care clinicians will:

  • teach you how to manage lifesaving and life-sustaining nutritional, anti-infective, chemotherapy and pain management treatments
  • monitor your advanced home care to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • deliver specialty pharmacy medications and home infusion therapy supplies when and where you need them
  • work closely with your medical and insurance providers for smooth, stress-free care management service

New England Life Care is nationally recognized as a nonprofit, mission-driven home infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy services provider affiliated with 60+ of New England’s premier medical centers. We are a community-based organization with a charitable focus that our neighbors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont rely on for the home infusion therapies they need to recover quickly in the comfort of their home.