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Home, a convenient place to get your medications

With home infusion therapy supported by an expert team of healthcare professionals, we can collaborate with your physician and health plan to provide safe, comfortable, and cost-effective care.

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New England Life Care is always here for your high quality home infusion needs


Receive your infused or injected medications and supplies when and where you need them.


With licensed clinicians providing expertise in all aspects of home infusion, patients and providers can feel confident in knowing that NELC is providing the highest quality of care.


New England Life Care’s team of experts teach you how to manage your treatments


Our Intake and Insurance verification team works closely with your doctors and health plan for a smooth stress-free experience.

We’ve Got You Covered



Ask your doctor to refer you to New England Life Care as your home infusion therapy provider. We will start the referral process with your physician.



Your doctor will submit a referral to New England Life Care. They’ll share information about your medication and your medical history. New England Life Care will contact your insurer to get your care authorized. You and your doctor will receive a letter notifying you of the authorization decision.


Coverage Confirmation

Our insurance verification team will work with your health plan to receive a prior authorization for services in the home.



The medication and all supplies needed to your home or have them shipped with storage instructions.



You’ll receive care in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to start home infusion?Prior Authorization is easy as 1, 2, 3

New to Infusion
  1. You should be hearing from your provider and New England Life Care will make sure to take care of your referral.
  2. Once your treatment is approved, New England Life Care will contact you to onboard you and start you on your way to care.
Current Infusion Patient
  1. Cross-reference your Home Infusion  member letter and benefits on MyBlue, and contact your provider.
    Your provider will review BCBSMA’s medical and payment policies for information on diagnosis and medication coverage. (Log in for payment policies.)
  2. Your provider will work with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and New England Life Care to take care of your prior authorization.

Meet our New England Life Care Team of Experts

Our dedicated, compassionate, and highly skilled clinicians and staff will be the team to help you with your home infusion therapy needs.

  • Board Certified Home Infusion Nurses with advanced training
  • Board Certified Clinical Pharmacist and Nutritionists
  • Patient Service and Supply Representatives
  • Insurance Verification Specialists and Delivery Technicians

Your home infusion therapy team will

Spend time with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Stay in touch with your doctor to provide updates on your treatment.

Review any side effects you may be having with your doctor. Your doctor will continue to coordinate any lab work or in-person follow-ups.

Be here for you when you need it with 24/7 support from New England Life Care.

“You can’t put a price tag on having one on one attention in your home. As a caregiver, I can be part of the support process. ”
- Caregiver