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Specialized Clinical Management Programs

Specialized Clinical Management Programs

Home infusion therapy provides treatment for patients unable to take oral medications or nutrition. Successful home infusion therapy requires smart, proactive and experienced care. If you rely on home infusion therapy you can ensure the best outcomes with New England Life Care.

As New England’s leader in comprehensive home infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy services, New England Life Care is on the front lines of infection prevention and successful nutrition therapy.

  • Antibiotic Stewardship
    Our Antibiotic Stewardship Program is a physician-led team that thoroughly reviews your personalized home infusion therapy care plan. Working closely with you, your caregivers and your medical team, we recommend home infusion therapy treatment alternatives that effectively treat your infection, lower your healthcare expenses, and avoid re-hospitalizations. Our home infusion nurses train you and your caregivers on the easiest and most effective ways to manage your home infusion medication, dosing and daily activities to help you get better fast.
  • Nutrition Support
    Our physician led, multidisciplinary, home nutrition support team consists of highly trained and skilled dietitians, pharmacists, and nurses to support patients requiring specialized nutrition therapy in the home.  If you rely on enteral nutrition or parenteral nutrition (TPN) therapy to meet your nutrition requirements, you can ensure the best outcomes and oversight with the New England Life Care Home Nutrition Support Team.  

A Commitment to Customer Service

When you become a New England Life Care patient, you become part of the New England Life Care family. From your first home or hospital room visit to your last phone call on service, you will always know our first priority is you. Once you become a member of a New England Life Care home infusion therapy program, you will:

  • Receive hands-on training from our infusion therapy clinicians
  • Have all necessary specialty pharmacy deliveries arrive at your home on schedule
  • Get regular calls from our professional home infusion therapy teams, based in Woburn MA, Concord NH, and Portland ME.
  • Collaborate with your home infusion therapy team to develop a plan of care that is focused on your unique needs and goals with a focus on flexibility and quality of life
  • Have your healthcare coverage verified and secured

A Focus on Community Health

New England Life Care is nationally recognized as a nonprofit, hospital affiliated, mission-driven home infusion therapy services and specialty pharmacy services provider. We’re also a community-based organization with a strong charitable focus that patients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont can rely on for the home therapies they need to heal and thrive.

New England Life Care provides the clinical management programs you need for your home infusion therapy treatments to succeed—and always treats you like family.