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Home Infusion & Specialty Pharmacy Services


Highly Specialized

Advanced home clinical services like home infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy empower patients to live their lives as fully as possible. At New England Life Care, we know how much home infusion therapy matters to our patients, and our patients really matter to us. We deliver the very best care, by the very best people right to your home.

Certified and Skilled

Our experienced and empathetic clinicians on your home infusion therapy team have earned varied certifications. These include Nutrition Support (CNSC), diabetes education (CDE) and oncology nutrition (CSO). Many of our registered nurses have achieved Certified Registered Nurse of Infusion (CRNI), are Certified in Infection Control (CIC) as well as a Certified Nurse Education (CNE). New England Life Care has also been accredited by the Joint Commission since 1993.

Your Hospital’s Choice

New England Life Care is the provider of choice for home infusion and specialty pharmacy for 50+ of the most prestigious medical centers in New England. We have earned these partnerships by providing high quality, dedicated care to our neighbors across New England. We want to be your choice, too.

A Broad Spectrum

The range of home therapies we provide includes:

  • Infusion Therapy Services
    Whether you are a newly diagnosed patient wondering “What is infusion therapy?”, a seasoned patient or prescribing physician looking for an experienced home infusion provider you can trust, New England Life Care provides round-the-clock support, education and treatment across a broad spectrum of IV infusion therapy services.
  • Home Infusion Pharmacy and Home Nursing Services
    Our focus on handling all the details and continuous monitoring of our patient’s care plan allows our patients to receive their care in a relaxed, comfortable environment.  This is what makes us New England’s premier home infusion pharmacy.
  • Service Programs
    Cutting edge care demands the very best services: highly trained pharmacists, home infusion nurses and nutrition support dietitians; fully compliant clean rooms; stringent tracking and monitoring; and dependable delivery, supply management and reimbursement management.  This is the New England Life Care difference, a passionate commitment to service and excellence.
  • Specialized Clinical Management Programs
    A successful home infusion therapy program allows patients to complete their therapy safely and effectively in the comfort of their home. Our physician-led, multi-disciplinary teams focus on delivering optimal outcomes and reducing the risk of hospital readmissions.

New England Life Care is nationally recognized as a nonprofit, mission-driven home infusion therapy and specialty pharmacy services provider affiliated with 50+ of New England’s premier medical centers. We are a community-based organization with a charitable focus that our neighbors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont rely on for the home infusion therapies they need to recover quickly in the comfort of their home.

New England Life Care provides the home infusion therapy treatments you need—and treats you like family.