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Infusion Therapy FAQ's

Nursing Visit and Medication Administration

How do I get started?

Either you or your physician can begin the process by contacting New England Life Care’s Intake department at (781) 932-4395.

How will I schedule my visits?

At the end of each visit (and before leaving your home), your nurse will talk with you about the date and time of your next infusion. Our schedulers will call you 1 – 2 days prior to your infusion day to confirm your visit.

Where will we do the infusion?

Infusions can take place wherever you are most comfortable. A typical day starts in your kitchen where the nurse has access to water for handwashing and a clean surface to set up your supplies, prepare the medication and put in your IV. Most patients then move to a more comfortable seat to relax and enjoy conversation with their nurse or maintain their normal scheduled activities.

What if my children are home?

Families and caregivers who are home are welcome to learn. Each interaction is customized to the experience you desire.

What type of equipment will I need for my infusion?

Normal supplies like tubing, gauze or antiseptic will be sent with your medications prior to your nursing visit. All medications require an IV pole (provided by NELC) which will be kept in your home.

What if I have questions before the nurse comes to my home?

Two to three days prior to your visit, a Patient Service Representative will call you to confirm delivery of your medication and ask if you have any questions before your visit. Should you have questions before or after they call, you can always reach NELC at our patient service phone line at 1-800-439-7969.

Do the nurses have the same training as the infusion suite nurses?

Yes. NELC nurses have highly specialized training and follow the same infusion nursing standards that all hospitals are required to follow. Many of our nurses carry additional credentials acknowledging the extra training required for a CRNI (Certified Registered Nurse in Infusion).

Insurance Verification FAQ

Will my insurance cover home infusion therapy?

Our patient accounts team brings years of experience in handling complex insurance policies. We work hard to determine and maximize coverage for home infusion therapy so we can offer our patients the best service available while keeping the out of pocket expenses to a minimum. We are contracted with an extensive number of private insurance carriers, participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs and Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s). Our Reimbursement team will work with you to come up with a plan to meet your individual needs.

Does NELC have resources to help with the insurance verification process?

At NELC, we understand that the need for advanced home care can lead to stress for patients and their families and contacting insurance providers is probably the last thing on their minds. As a patient of NELC, our Reimbursement and Patient Account teams will act as a liaison between you and your insurance provider to ensure a seamless transition from the hospital to the comfort of your own home.

Delivery FAQ

Do I need to call in to order my supplies or will someone call me?

Our PSR (Patient Service Representative) will call you from a 207-area code 1 to 2 days before you use your last dose of medication. You will be asked to complete a series of Screening Questions and give counts of medication and supplies. To speak with a Home Infusion Patient Service Representative, please call 1-800-439-7969.

Can I get my delivery at a specific time?

Due to any number of factors including weather, traffic, and volume, a specific delivery time may not always be possible. The latest delivery time is 8pm. If there are extenuating circumstances and your delivery is needed earlier, please contact your PSR as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate.

When will I get my delivery?

Delivery date is dependent on your therapy type but typically, your delivery will arrive the day you are using your last dose(s) of medication. All deliveries will arrive by 8pm.

Do I have to be home to sign for my delivery or will it be left for me?

Your delivery will be left for you if you are not home. Typically, deliveries will not require patient signature; the only time delivery tickets need to be signed and returned is when there is a prepaid envelope included.