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Advanced Compounding Solutions (ACS) is a member owned cooperative division of NELC whose primary focus is patient safety while adding value to its owners. We provide a wide variety of commonly used compounded medications, in bulk packaging, at a competitive rate, and offer best in class quality, safety, and service standards. Our ownership structure allows us to offer our members many other value added benefits beyond just competitive pricing, such as

  • Transparency: Access to information, operations/outcomes
  • Control: Input into program design, pricing, drug avail management & quality control
  • Quality Management: Dedicated quality control team to better manage risk
  • Equity: Equity growth through utilization, downstream revenue captured

At Advanced Compounding Solutions, we don’t just want to sell you compounded medication, we want to become your indispensable care partner and do our part to improve the health of the community while reducing overall cost of care.