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Increase Bed Availability with NELC’s Home Vascular Access Program

Vascular Access

With the introduction of ultrasound guidance, FDA approval and years of positive outcomes associated with ECG confirmation of bedside PICC lines, New England Life Care can now bring Peripheral, PICC and Midline insertion directly to your patients’ home using the same technology found in hospitals nationwide.  Once the line is placed, we can initiate drug treatment at the patient’s home. 

Inability to arrange for timely line placement can result in an unnecessary ER visit, hospital admission or an extended hospital length of stay, as some facilities have difficulty meeting the demands for same day vascular access consults. New England Life Care can work with you to find solutions regardless if line placement takes place in the office, hospital or home.  We can establish an overlay of contracts to maximize insurance coverage regardless if placement site is in the physician office, hospital or home. Our VA services can additionally avoid hospital admission, coordination challenges and patient immobility issues by establishing infusion services at home.

vascular access - nelcWe provide vascular access services including:

  • Ultrasound guided for PICC and midline
  • 3CG tip confirmation system
  • Mobile x-ray available if clinically indicated
  • Easy button access via a care connect nurse to line selection and site of placement management based upon payor preference.

Duly Qualified and Licensed Staff

  • All Personnel providing services will be duly qualified, by training and/or experience, to provide services and will be duly licensed without restriction with the State where services are to be provided and will comply with all licensing, health and safety requirements under state and federal law. Our employees possess and shall maintain in good standing all necessary licenses and certifications to provide our vascular access services.

NELC is pleased to introduce our new Vascular access phone number for ease of ordering! 

To place an order for placement of a PICC or midline or if you are seeking consultation regarding appropriate line placement and vessel preservation simply call us at (781) 232-5465 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

For more information on patient flow models and the CCRC, please reach out to Janet Henry, RN, CRNI, Regional Manager of Vascular Access Services,