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A Partner in Managing a Changing Healthcare Environment

At its core New England Life Care is a vehicle or resource to develop clinical programs that respond to challenges common to all members. The NELC cooperative was formed to address the challenge of assuring patients in need of infusion therapy could receive treatment safely in the home. NELC was created and tasked with working with the members to develop and extend to the home, programs that reflected the clinical competency, quality and skill offered by the members. In other words, to create a hospital without walls. NELC’s structure as a 501(e) allows and promotes member participation unlike any other structure. The value of NELC is unique and clear cut: member focused, member directed, creating a resource to transform the patient care continuum.

Today, a common challenge facing our members is securing compounded pharmaceutical products that meet the highest quality standards. Product they can procure and dispense with confidence knowing their institution took every step to assure product integrity. Intuitively the answer to this challenge is to internalize production. That reality may not be an option for reasons such as space limitations, regulatory compliance issues and/or cost considerations. Facing this challenge our members approached NELC for a possible solution. After careful analysis it was determined the NELC Cooperative could provide an answer by building an FDA approved and regulated 503B compounding facility. A facility built to member specification, guided by member input, open to member oversight and financially competitive due to the economies of scale created by the member’s acting collaboratively